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MP A’s: Thursday Batting Practice at Farm Club
by posted 02/17/2020

We have batting practice at Farm Club this Thursday (arrive 6:15).

Please RSVP , these are great sessions.


Coach Neil

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MP A's: Also, Sat Parent/Guardian Meeting
by posted 02/14/2020

Also, we currently plan to have a ~10 minute parent/guardian meeting towards the end of the Saturday practice, so please plan to have at least one parent/guardian at the Encianl bleachers by 2:45pm, Saturday. 

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MP A's: Sat/Sun Practices & RSVPs
by posted 02/14/2020

MP A's Parents/Players-

Reminder that we have two practices this weekend (Sat & Sun) at Encinal.  

Players should be at the field and ready to play at 1:30 (so arrive 5-10 minutes early).

Players should:

have their gear -- at least a glove; (USA bats, helmets, etc. are recommended but optional)


be properly dressed -- cleats (not sneakers), baseball pants (not shorts or sweatpants), athletic supporter & cup; (sliding shorts are recommended but optional).

IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO ALREADY, PLEASE BE SURE TO RSVP YOUR PLAYER'S ATTENDANCE VIA THE TEAM WEBSITE --  If you are having trouble doing this, please let me know via email.

Thankls and looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.


Coach Neil

Go A's!

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Machine Pitch A's: 2nd call Asst Coaches; 1st Call PCA Pare
by posted 02/04/2020

A's Parents:

Two items:

1. Extra Assistant Coaches:  We are again asking for a few parents to serve as 3rd and 4th coaches.  Shasank and I will take the lead as 1st and 2nd coaches, but it is especially great to have kids work in groups of ~3 during practice drills (rather than groups of ~6).  Again, no baseball experience required. Please let me know if you are interested in being an extra assistant coach.

2. PCA Parent:  Our league requires that each team have a PCA (Positve Coahing Alliance) Parent.  Details of the role are:

Attend each of our games where we are designated "home" (i.e. half of our games). During the game, the PCA Parent is responsible for addressing sportsmanship issues that arise between coaches, umpires, players, and parents (e.g. verbal abuse, inappropriate language). NB:  There aren't many sportsmanship issues in our league; the biggest task is probably reminding parents to just cheer for their kids and not question umpire's calls and not coach their kids from the stands.

Attend one pre-season PCA Parent briefing, where their role as PCA Parent will be further detailed.  There are formal briefings, which I highly recommend (see dates/times below).  (But if you can't attend one of the formal briefing, I can informally brief you on your PCA parent duties.)

Formal Briefings

Saturday 2/8/20, 9am-11am
Thursday 2/27/20, 7pm-9pm
Tuesday 3/3/20, 7pm-9pm

(Location for each is the Encinal Elementary School Library)

Please let me know if you are interested in being our team's PCA parent.


-Coach Neil

Go A's!

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Welcome A's to 2020 Spring Machine Pitch Season
by posted 01/29/2020

A's Players/Parents-


Along with Coach Shasank Chavan, we welcome you to the M-A Little League 2020 Machine Pitch Division.  We are excited and looking forward to a great season.  Some key info follows -- going forward emails will be much shorter:


First, League Website/Tool:

Team and league information -- including team roster (now) and practice/game schedule (soon) -- can be accessed via the League website/tool: All team communications, including RSVPs for practices/games, happen through this website/tool. 

Our team site is:  

Please log in and click on the "Roster" dropdown link to see all of the players on our team.  


Second, Pre-Season & Regular Season Practices:

Pre-season Practices are

-Saturdays, 1:30-3:00pm (Encinal School)

-Sundays, 1:30-3:00pm (Encinal School)

Our First pre-season practice is Sunday, Feb 9 -- Coach Shasank will lead a meet & great and light practice.

The following week, Saturday, Feb 15 & Sunday, Feb 16 -- Coach Shasank and I will together get our practices into full swing.


Regular Season Practices, starting March 8, are 

-Sundays, 1:30-3:00pm (Encinal School)


Third, Parent Volunteers:

Our league depends on parent volunteers; in particular, please let us know if you are interested in being an extra assistant coach -- practices especially run much better with 3-4 coaches as compared to 1-2 coaches; no prior experience required.  

We will also be seeking a PCA parent, a snack/team parent, a field crew coordinator -- more on that to come.


Fourth, Openig Day, Regular Season Games, Playoffs:


Opening Day and our First Game is Saturday, March 7 (game time TBD)


Regular Season Games will generally be

-1 Weekday Game (Wed. or Thrs. ~4:15pm)

-1 Weekend Game (Sat. ~9:00am, ~11:30am, or ~2:00pm)  


Playoffs will run late-May through early June (please mark your calendar accordingly)


Other Key Info:



Our Goals for the Season

-have fun;

-develop baseball and life skills, including teamwork and good sportsmanship​

-play hard and with a positive attitude

Our Expactations for the Season


-be on time for practices and games;

-try their best;

-respect the game, themselves and others (players, coaches, umpires)


-come and cheer all players (they will make mistakes);

-let coaches run the team (we, like players, will make mistakes);

-respect the game, players, coaches, and umpires (umpires will also make mistakes, but it's their call);

-volunteer as able


-be on time for practices and games;

-try our best to teach fundamentals of baseball, as well as life skills -- like good sportsmanship

-set reasonable expectations for the season -- effort is much more important than outcome

-respect the game and others (players, coaches, umpires). 


Equipment & Attire

Please make sure that for all practices and games your player is dressed and has their own:

-baseball glove

-baseball pants (slidng shorts are nice, but not required)


-athletic supporter/cup 

We will provide each player with a baseball jersey, cap, belt, socks.  The leagie also has batting helmets and bats that players can use.


Thanks and please feel free to contact me via email or phone with any questions.

Coach Neil Swartzberg, 510-862-2567

Go A's!

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by posted 01/29/2020

2020 Machine Pitch A's

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