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Fall Ball Update and News
  Hello Fall Ball Coaches,   As we pass...
Fall Ball Tournament Schedule uploaded
  Coaches,   Trophies have arrived and...
Fall Ball Seniors Jerseys and Balls are ready!
  Gentlemen,   The Seniors Fall Ball...
Fall Ball Update and News
by Tony Arata posted 10/14/2019

Hello Fall Ball Coaches,

As we pass though the halfway point of the season, I wanted to remind everyone about one of the parts of Fall Ball that I find the most rewarding.  One of my favorite things to see in the Fall on the diamond is the players supporting one another through adversity.  Seeing a kid tough it out on the mound while their teammates support them, even after giving up a hit or two, walking a few more, and then getting that illusive strikeout is a wonderful event to witness.  Seeing the kids improving their skills and gaining confidence which will follow them into our Spring season and beyond is what this program is all about.  I want to make sure that all of the kids are getting these sorts of moments, so please make sure that you are following the M-A Little League rules about rotating players into infield positions and on the mound, and not parking less skilled players in the outfield.  This program is developmental, and as such, we need to be exposing players to positions outside of their comfort zone, so that new skills can be sharpened and honed and confidence in the game can grow.
As noted in our (Minors) rules:

In each game, all players must have played a total of four full innings, two full innings of which must be in the infield. By the end of the game, no player shall have sat on the bench any greater than 1 inning more than any other player on the same team. Pitcher and catcher are infield positions. Protests regarding a violation of this rule must be made before the end of the game and to the umpire and the opposing coach. They shall be referred to the Commissioner immediately after the game. If the winning team is found in violation of this rule, the winning team will forfeit the game.

NOTE: The above rules are only a minimum requirement and coaches are encouraged to offer each player the same quality playing time as all others regardless of ability. If a coach has a player or parent inform them that they do not want the player to play in the infield due to safety or other issues, then upon notice to and approval of the appropriate Commissioner this requirement will be waived for this particular player.

I know that we are all competitive and want to win, but let's save that competitive drive for the Jamboree Tournament and focus on developing the players through this part of the season.  
One other piece of news that I want to share with the Junior’s coaches, base stealing is now allowed through the rest of the season and tournament.  One base can be taken per batter on caught or passed balls.  Double steals are allowed.
  1. Leadoffs/Stealing/Base Running. Base runners are not allowed to take leads. Once a pitcher is in contact with the pitcher’s rubber, in possession of the ball and the catcher is in the catcher’s box, base runners shall not leave their bases until the ball has been delivered and has passed home plate. Base runners may advance only after the ball passes home plate. If the pitcher does not control the ball on a throw back from the catcher, runners may steal.

    1. A runner may only steal one base per at bat.

    2. Stealing home is not permitted.  

      1. Overthrows of the pitcher by the catcher may not result in a runner advancing to home from 3rd base.

No Advancement on an overthrow

Thanks to you all for a great season so far.  Please let me know if I need to address any questions or concerns.
Tony Arata
Fall Ball Tournament Schedule uploaded
by Tony Arata posted 10/13/2019


Trophies have arrived and I have uploaded the Fall Ball Jamboree Tournament schedule to the website!
There is a play in game for the Seniors, as we have 5 teams in that division.  I used a randomizer to determine the play in game and as well as the other 1st bracket matchups.
Games times are as follows.
Friday, Nov 8th @ 4:30  — Seniors Team 2 vs. Seniors Team 1
Saturday, Nov. 9th @ 9am — Juniors Team 2 vs. Junior Team 3
Saturday, Nov. 9th @ 11am — Juniors Team 1 vs. Junior Team 4
Saturday, Nov. 9th  @ 1pm — Seniors Team 4 vs. Seniors Team 5
Saturday, Nov. 9th @ 3pm — Seniors Team 3 vs winner of Friday Seniors game
Sunday, November 10th @ 11am — Juniors Championship 
Sunday, November 10th @ 1:30pm — Seniors Championship
All games will take place at Burgess on the Majors diamond.
Please share this with your teams ASAP.
Thanks to you all, and please let me know if there are any questions or if anything else needs to be addressed.
Thanks also for all of the hard work this season!
Tony Arata
Fall Ball Seniors Jerseys and Balls are ready!
by Tony Arata posted 9/25/2019


The Seniors Fall Ball jerseys have arrived and are on my front porch at 151 Heather and Lindenwood.  Please come and collect your team gear when you are able.  Balls are also available for pick up if you have not had a chance to get those yet.  Please take two boxes (24 balls) for your team.
The hats for the Red team are on backorder and I am working to get them ASAP.  This was a problem for both Juniors and Seniors teams, but Goetz is working on it for us. 
Thanks very much, and please let me know if I need to attend to any issues.
Tony Arata