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Menlo Atherton Little League
All Star Selection Process



Five All Star teams will be selected at the conclusion of the Spring regular season. These teams are the District 12s team, District 11s team, District 10s team, and the Invitational Tournament team and the Superbowl Minors team. The District 12s, District 11s and Invitational Tournament teams are selected from the Majors Division. The District 10s team is selected from the Majors and AAA divisions. The Superbowl Minors team is selected from the AAA division.

In addition, M-ALL will select one of its Majors Division teams to compete in the Majors Tournament of Champions vs. other District 52 Majors teams. M-ALL Majors and AAA teams will also compete in the Menlo Park City Championship vs. teams from the Alpine/West Menlo Little League.

For the All Star teams, player ages must be verified by a birth certificate and their place of residence confirmed before the team roster is submitted to Little League headquarters. Tournament play commences at the District level in June, with winners advancing through section and state. The 12 year old division continues on to regional play to qualify for the World Series in mid to late August.The Invitational Tournament and Superbowl Minors teams will play their tournaments over a single weekend at the end of June.

Each All Star team is limited to one manager and two coaches during tournament play. All Star managers and coaches will be selected by the President of the Board of Directors at each level based on the following criteria: leadership skills and presence, the knowledge of baseball, a demonstrated ability to interact and motivate players in a positive manner, general attitude and behavior throughout the season, and season record. The Board of Directors reserves the right to replace any manager or coach that they deem unacceptable as a representative of the League in All Star play.


All Star Player Selection Process

Twelve players and possibly up to two alternates are selected for each All Star team. Little League Rules prohibit selection announcements before mid-June. Each All Star team is selected from among the teams within each level on the basis of demonstrated playing ability during the Spring season, knowledge of the game, sportsmanship and availability for the relevant practice/tournament time periods. Not every regular season team needs to be represented on the All Star Team(s). Rules and procedures for selecting the All Star Teams are as follows:

  1. Each regular season head coach may nominate as many players as he/she wishes from his/her team to help develop an initial list for each All Star team. The Player Agent compiles a list of all nominees and prepares ballots. No other names may be added to the list once the list has been constituted. The regular season head coaches then meet and vote for 10 players from the list for the relevant team, excluding players who they originally nominated from their own teams.
  2. The 10 players with the most votes are selected to the team. If there is a tie for the tenth spot, a second vote will occur to break the tie.
  3. Two additional players are selected by the All Star Manager from the remaining nominated players.

Please see our Team Pages for a list of this year's All Star Rosters and game schedule!