Little League Baseball organization serving Menlo Park, CA and Atherton CA. Volunteer run organization. Majors, Minors, Triple A (AAA), Double A (AA), Single A, T-Ball, Coach Pitch and Challenger Divisions.

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Menlo-Atherton Little League

Umpires are some of the most important members of our program. By virtue of his/her role, the umpire provides leadership and represents authority on the field. All managers, coaches, and spectators should provide an example of cooperation, understanding, and respect for the umpire's judgment and Little League rules.

The Umpire's word is final on all judgment calls. Coaches, players, and spectators may not argue with the umpire over judgment calls. Each umpire has the right to disqualify any player, coach, manager, or substitute for objecting to decisions or for unsportsmanlike conduct or language and to eject them from the playing field. Managers, and only managers, may ask for a clarification about the rules of the game, or an interpretation of a rule. If there is reasonable doubt that any umpire's decision may be in conflict with the rules, the manager may appeal the decision and ask that a correct ruling be made. All questions, protests, interpretation of rules, and suggestions should be addressed to the Chief Umpire.

Many of our league umpires are former Menlo Atherton Little League players. Umpiring is an excellent way to build confidence and to stay involved in baseball after 'graduating' from Little League. Umpires are placed in divisions based on their age and umpiring experience.

  • All umpire candidates must attend a mandatory umpire training session to be held in February. 


  • Machine Pitch umpires must be at least baseball age 12 (as of August 30).
  • Minors/Majors umpires must be at least baseball age 15.
  • Must have played at least 4 years of Little League Baseball.

Training Sessions:

There will be two training sessions for all umpires prior to Opening Day. All umpires must attend these important training sessions. Umpires for MA-LL are given significant responsibility (even at the Machine Pitch level) and are expected to know the rules. These sessions will be important to becoming certified to umpire.

Important downloads:

Field Session (you must attend 1 session)

  • Saturday February 8, 2020; 1:30PM-4:00PM
  • Sunday February 9, 2020; 9:30AM-12:00PM

The Umpire Registration Programs are now OPEN!

Frequently Asked Umpire Questions

·       Who's eligible to be an umpire?
Anyone age 12 and up who shares a love of the game, will attend the two (2) umpire training sessions, has a commitment to learn the Little League rules, and passes our outdoor training test.

·       Why should my child be an umpire?
Many of our kids "age-out" of Little League, but still love the game and want to play a part in our M-A Little League community. It's a paying job, and it teaches them responsibility, discipline, commitment, and a very public sense of community service that they can be proud of.

·       What is the commitment?
You will sign up for games via our website depending on your schedule. We expect you to umpire a minimum of 3 games per season.  Our only requirement: if you sign up, you must show up.

·       When do umpires get paid?
Umpires get paid by mailed check, twice per season.

·       What if I get sick and can't make a game I signed up for?
Not a problem, but we ask for 48 hours notice so we can find a replacement.

·       Can parents be umpires?
Yes! And we need you! This year, we're implementing a parent umpire program, where we select a few great moms and dads who are willing to go through the above training, and are committed to help keep our league running. 

  • Umpire weekday games where we have the biggest gaps.
    • Be "on call" for weekend backfills.  On any given weekend, an umpire gets sick or can't make a game.  Volunteer umpires will be on an email list to cover games if they are available.

This is a great opportunity to have a wonderful parent-child umpire experience. Join your child in being an M-A Little League umpire.