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Volunteer Umpires

Finding officials is a challenge for many youth leagues, a there are various models for how to do so. Some of our neighboring leagues use adult volunteers some use paid youth umpires, some a combination of the two.  Menlo-Atherton Little League has for many years relied primarily upon paid youth umpires ages 12 and older and a small group of paid adult umpires. While this system has worked well for the most part, as our league has grown, it’s become increasingly difficult to staff games with youth umpires alone. We also need more experienced umpires for the playoffs and to meet our obligation to provide umpires for district postseason play. 

Building up an experienced group of adult umpires takes time, so starting in 2016 M-A Little League will be starting an adult volunteer umpire program in combination with our Youth Umpires program.   This is similar to the system used by many of the little leagues in the Bay Area.  Adult umpires will work with our youth umpires in most games to help cover the schedule and ensure fun baseball experience for our kids. 

What do I need to do to be an Umpire?

Volunteer umpires will be required to attend two 1 ½ hr training clinics (classroom and field) and umpire three (or more if you are willing to help) games during the 2016 season.  The clinics will be conducted by experienced Little League umpires in February. The first session will cover the rules of Little League and the second will cover field mechanics and game management. 

What games will I work?

The system is designed to be flexible for people schedules.  Volunteer umpires will be able to schedule their games in advance and can cancel with some notice if needed.    We expect the highest need will be weekday games, occasional weekend and backfill for cancelations due to illness.  You will often be working with one of our youth umpires.

Will this fulfill my volunteer commitment for the season?

Yes, any questions can be directed to


For those who want to umpire to fulfill their volunteer hours or just for fun, umpiring offers the following benefits:

  • You’ll receive excellent training
  • You’ll learn the finer points of the game
  • You’ll have the best view
  • You will be helping our league save our funds for player development
  • You’ll get your very own umpire gadgets: clicker, cap, and brush
  • You’ll fulfill the volunteer hours requirement

This is a great opportunity for moms and dads to see the game from the other side of the fence !