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Menlo-Atherton Little League - Registration FAQ

When does Registration Open?

Registration for Spring 2020 season opens on November 19, 2019. "Early Bird" registration fees are available at a discount through 12/31/2019.  Registration closes January 25, 2020 for Machine Pitch Thru Majors and the Juniors/Seniors Divisions, January 28, 2020 for T-Ball/Coach Pitch divisions, early February for the Challenger division.

Can I use my log in information (email and password) from last year?

YES – PLEASE DO! Using your previous years email to log in will save you significant registration time and also keep our database free from duplicates! 

How are payments processed?

Beginning last summer we updated our payments system provider to EasyMerchant which is close partner of League Athletics (the company that operates the league's website). This change allows us to collect transactions from bank/credit cards easily and reduces the transaction processing fees for the league. 

How do I protect the security of my phone number, email address, etc.? Can you explain the difference between “Private”, “Roster” and “Public” in my privacy settings? What setting do you recommend?

You always have control over the security of your contact information. Once registered, you can login and go to “Edit My Account” tab at the bottom of the Home Page to change your security settings.

The three levels of security are:

  • Private: no one other than Club Administrators can view the information.
  • Roster: This information will only be displayed on rosters and team home pages according to the viewing policy set for that team (typically team-only). We recommend choosing the “Roster” setting.
  • Public: Only valid for coaches/managers, their information will be displayed to the public on team home pages, rosters, and team contact lists. 

Why are you collecting my medical and insurance information?

Once players have been drafted/assigned to teams, team managers (only) will be given player’s confidential medical and insurance information. This information will be used in a situation where emergency medical care is required and the player’s parent/guardian is not present.

In what division should I register my player? Why wasn’t I allowed to register my player in XYZ Division?

See the M-ALL Handbook for a description of the different playing divisions and their typical age and experience requirements. Menlo-Atherton Little League guides as follows (all ages reference are little league age):

Divisions Baseball Age Spring 2020
Majors 11 and 12
Minors 9 and 10
Machine Pitch  7 and 8
Coach Pitch 6
T-Ball 5


To determine your child's Little League age: Little League Baseball Age Calculator

If you seek an exception to these limits, register your player in the age-appropriate division and send an email to am Kunz (Majors Player Agent) or Pat Galligan (Minors Player Agent) requesting the exception.

The registration system said I am on the waitlist because I don’t live inside the M-ALL boundaries…what do I do?

Players who do not live inside the M-ALL boundaries will be placed on a waiting list, pending confirmation of school-based eligibility or prior year M-ALL registration.  The registrar will contact you and request verification of school attendance for schools within the M-ALL boundary or request a waiver based on your prior address within the M-ALL boundary

I go to _____school – can I play in M-ALL?

Schools in the M-ALL District include: Encinal School; Alto School; Las Lomitas; Laurel Schools; Menlo-Atherton High School; Menlo School; Nativity; Peninsula School; Sacred Heart; and Willow Oaks School.  If you live outside the M-ALL boundary but attend a school within the M-ALL boundary, you can register and you will be put on a waitlist.  The registrar will contact you and request verification of school attendance. As soon as school verification is received, your player will be released from the waitlist.

I found out my child has a conflict and cannot play little league. Can I cancel my child's registration?

Registration fees can be refunded prior to the team drafts. Team draft dates by division are published on our website calendar. Once teams are drafted and announced, no refunds will be processed. Please contact the registrar at to coordinate a refund prior to the team draft dates.

Can I request my child be placed on a specific team- with a specific coach or friends?

Teams are created in a draft format. This allows for the creation of equitable teams, therefore M-ALL cannot accept requests for specific coaches or players to be on a team together. 

I’m having some other problem with the website and/or Registration process. What can I do?

Please send an email to regarding any registration issues.